Why I Love WooCommerce for eCommerce Websites

My background in eCommerce began in 2005 when I worked at Varien. At the time we were building custom OS Commerce sites, but on the side we were creating Magento. It was extremely flexible for products and attributes, but theming was less than ideal.

Years later, after many improvements to the WordPress core, came WooCommerce! After a quick install and setup, I was immediately a fan. Easy install, easy to customize, feature rich and SEO friendly…

Why WooCommerce?

The reality is most eCommerce businesses and Brands are not selling over 10,000 different products, with multiple warehouses, and large call centers. So enterprise focused platforms are overkill, and have expensive startup costs.

Since WooCommerce is easy to customize, plus great for SEO, it’s ideal for most businesses out of the gate. It can easily handle high traffic sites for major fashion brands, apparel stores, hotel booking’s, download sites, etc…

Types of sites I recommend using with WooCommerce:

Small to Large fashion brands and apparel websites

Out of box, the checkout process and extensions for Variations (color, sizes, etc) make you site look really great.

Hotel booking sites

The current systems are expensive and generally lack a good user experience. WooCommerce can do Time and Date based bookings beautifully.

Yoga studios, Pilates classes, Personal Trainer Scheduling

Most of these sites use MindBody Online, which lacks control of the front end user experience. With WooCommerce you can have a customized experience that is easier and more cost effective.

Download Sites – Music, Books, Software, etc…

WooCommerce is my favorite platform for any type of Download site.

Online training or education

You can offer paid online training – create courses, lessons, and quizzes.

Marketing flexibility is the key to successful eCommerce stores

With SEO tools that perform extremely well in search marketing, to affiliate marketing systems, and email integrations with MailChimp – you can build a robust and scalable online business.