Made the Move to Sling TV

Being able to choose and pay for the channels you watch is one of the oldest, and most desired home entertainment UX features out there. We’re not there yet, but Sling TV is headed in the right direction.

Thought’s So Far

After 2 weeks I’m really happy with the overall experience. The minimal AppleTV unit replaced the giant cable box, and there’s no cable clutter. The additional $5 a month for Cloud DVR is great. Previously my cable company charged $15 for dvr service, plus rental of the dvr box.

After my 7 day trial, the bill was exactly what I signed up for! No hidden fees like promised.

The User Interface

Most of the UI is really intuitive and I like their fresh take on viewing, mainly by channel. The channel category view I don’t find myself using, but can see it being useful for recording. The Account section, DVR and Parental controls are extremely user friendly.

Improvements IMO

After a couple weeks I still find myself missing the traditional grid layout for the guide. It’s the quickest way to view channels, and what’s coming on next. The Sling blog says this view is now available, but I can’t find it on any device.

Also, the Guide view doesn’t default to My Channels… So each time you need to re-select from the filter drop down. This may just be a bug, but either way would be nice.