Photoshop to Sketch

Yes, yes, I know! There a ton of articles about this already and Adobe is releasing XD. But, I feel like I need to add my 2 cents as a Photoshop user for nearly 2 decades.

After taking a break from design work I started to re-evaluate my process. I began by opening old designs in both programs, and immediately I was experiencing how slow PS is in comparison. As a workaround My PS files were broken up into smaller sections, which helped a little, but isn’t an ideal workflow.

What Sketch Features Sold Me

By far performance was a huge deciding factor for me. Since I’m usually prototyping for testing using InVision, all interactions are designed. Having all my artboards, symbols, and pages in a single file is really great.

Sketch does symbols right with overrides and swapping. PS has Smart Objects, but they are hard to update which makes them not ideal to use. Sketch allows for overrides on elements in the symbol like text, colors, etc… Also you can swap symbols, which is a feature I now find indispensable in my workflow.

Another key feature for me is Group Resizing. This makes creating tablet and mobile screen views much faster.

What I Miss About Photoshop

The most obvious is the photo manipulation tools. Although I find myself not using them as often anymore, I do still get projects where they are needed.

I find myself trying to transform text often in Sketch. Its great to quickly drag fonts to different sizes to see what feels better.

When exporting photos, I miss the 2up views in Photoshop to see the compression quality.

Final Thoughts

Although Photoshop is needed for graphic design, Sketch is now my default for web and digital product design.